Mois : août 1971

Orghast – 1971


Orghast was an experimental play based on the myth of Prometheus, written by Peter Brook and Ted Hughes[1] in an invented language of the same name along with classical Greek and Avestan, and performed in 1971 at the Festival of Arts of Shiraz-Persepolis, which was held annually the reign of the Shah. It was performed in two parts, with the first performed at Persepolis around dusk, and the second at the nearby site of Naqsh-e Rustam at dawn.

« Orghast aims to be a leveller of audiences by appealing not to semantic athleticism but to the instinctive recognition of a « mental state » within a sound. One can hardly imagine a bolder challenge to the limits of narrative. « , Tom Stoppard.

Directed by Peter Brook in collaboration with Arby Ovanesian, Geoffrey Reeves, Andrei Şerban
Stage Set: Eugene Lee, Franne Lee, Jean Monod

Cameroon: Daniel Kamwa
England : Robert Lloyd, Pauline Munro, Bruce Myers, Natasha Parry, Irene Worth
France: Claude Confortès, Sylvain Corthay
Iran: Nozar Azadi, Farkhundeh Baver, Dariush Farhang, Mohamed-Bagher Ghaffari, Hushang Ghovanlou, Said Oveyesi, Parviz Porhoseini, Syavash Tahmoures, Saddredin Zahed
Japan : Katsuhiro Oida
Mali: Malick Bagayogo
Portugal: Joao Mota
Spain: Paloma Matta
USA: Michèle Collison, Andreas Katsulas, Lou Zeldis