Mois : novembre 1993

The one who got away

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The one who got away: Peter Brook – innovator, visionary, outsider – has been based in Paris since 1968. Will we ever win him back?

Theatre’s grandest inquisitor looks as if he has been modelled from pale pink plasticine. At 68, Peter Brook is a little grizzled, his hair patchy white stubble, his eyebrows antennae-like, and there is not the faintest whiff of the theatrical about him; he doesn’t dress in the black- out that is directors’ standard issue and it’s doubtful he knows what luvvie means. Read more

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Olivier Theatre – Interview

5 November 1993, Olivier Theatre  – Introduced by the National’s Executive Director, Genista McIntosh

Genista McIntosh: A lot of years ago, when I was a child, I went to Stratford and saw a production of King Lear which completely changed my sense of what the piece could be. And in a sense it changed my life because it made me see that the theatre was a potential way of life. Some years later I saw a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Aldwych Theatre, which also changed my life because the following year, going to work for the RSC, my first assignment was to work with the man who directed that production when he re-directed it for a world tour. I think probably in this audience and many thousands of miles from here on outwards, there are people who in some way would be able to tell you a similar story about how Peter Brook has touched or influenced or affected their lives. It’s a very great privilege to introduce him. Read more