Étiquette : Eleven and Twelve

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Interview by Paul Taylor © www.independent.co.uk
Wittgenstein once said that one way of looking at a man’s name is as « like piece of jewellery hung round his neck at birth ». But when practitioners and an awed public affixed the word « guru » to the name of Peter Brook, they hung an albatross round his neck rather than the garland they had intended. Read more

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Eleven & Twelve, Festival di Spoleto

Festival Di Due Mondi Spoleto – Italia Friday 2 july, Saturday 3 july, Sunday 4 july

« For Christians and Moslems alike, God through his Prophets has given to mankind a clear and simple commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Today we see that no rational thought, no intelligent debate, no social analysis has ever influenced nor can explain the endless current of hatred that pours through History. Read more

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Eleven and Twelve, en tournée

D’après Amadou Hampaté Bâ. Mise en scène Peter Brook -> dates…

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