Mois : décembre 2009

Margaret Croyden

Margaret Croyden. Conversations with Peter Brook 1970 – 2000 . London: Faber and Faber, 2003. 301 pp. ISBN: 0-571-22172-6
Peter Brook is widely regarded as one of the prominent pragmatic directors in modern theatre. Brook infuses multicultural, onomatopoeic and spiritual dimensions in his theatre productions (Roose-Evans 1990). Under his direction, his actors are to seek the most effortless path to communicate the universal meaning that strikes an emotional reference with any audience (Martin 1991). More interestingly, Brook stresses the need for actors to disinter elements underlying language through a sensitisation to its deeper resonance to arrive at a possible response with integrity to a given text even when the actor cannot understand the referential meaning (Marshall and Williams 2000: 183). Read more

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